xBay is the first website to connect buyers and sellers who want to auction their  NFT all in one place.

xBay is a website where anyone and everyone will have an opportunity to auction off an NFT from their created collection, or one they own.

Place to host and auction your NFTs

We created xBay to allow the community to come to one place to host their NFT auction which will allow for the maximum exposure from all members of the NFT community!


Chat Room page to discuss and connect with community


Every project has an opportunity to promote their project on our platform


Host giveaway page for all projects

xBay will have its own token xBay

xBay token can be exchanged through XUMM.

Total supply of 1.5 Billion xBay tokens.

Why xBAY?

  • Currently there is not one place to strictly hold an auction of your NFT with the bidding process on XRPLedger network. As of today you must host and track all bids, updating all involved on a platform that is not user friendly for an auction.
  • The power of NFT tokens and projects on XRPLedger sometimes falters and they lack innovation and further development. The NFT markets at XRPLedger are very small and have poor implementation of the available technologies which XRPLedger offer.
  • xBay will offer the opportunity for a nft project or an nft owner to auction their very own nft to a large audience all in the same space for one reason. A bidding war!

xBay Roadmap


Create Twitter, Create xBay token, Promote xBay, Website release....


Coinmarket cap, Coingecko, CEX listing, Xbay NFT auction system...


More CEX listing, Further development of xBay auction...

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