Why xBay?


  • Currently there is not one place to strictly hold an auction of your NFT with the bidding process on XRPLedger network. As of today you must host and track all bids, updating all involved on a platform that is not user friendly for an auction.
  • The power of NFT tokens and projects on XRPLedger sometimes falters and they lack innovation and further development. The NFT markets at XRPLedger are very small and have poor implementation of the available technologies which XRPLedger offer.
  • Many NFT projects on the market do not have a good perception that would lead them to shrink and constantly increase the value of digital works of art. The vision and the path that NFT projects follow has largely proved to be wrong and leads to failure, and it is precisely for these reasons that many NFT projects are failing and shut down in late stages of development.


  • xBay will offer the opportunity for a nft project or an nft owner to auction their very own nft to a large audience all in the same space for one reason. A bidding war!
  • xBay will allow you to set up an auction with starting price, length of auction, and a constant tracking of all bids made. With time xBay will add even more fetures on website and try to create best NFT market place on the XRPL network.